Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Oh, You Have A Plasma TV? How.... Quaint.

Did you recently buy the latest and greatest in high definition televisions? Are you proud of that 42" 1080i LCD? Or maybe you went all out with a 54" 1080p plasma? More importantly, do I have the foggiest notion what that 1080 crap even means? No, of course not. No one does. It's just a concerted effort by electronics sales people to make the rest of us feel stupid.

At any rate, if you did recently give in and buy a new HDTV, you may as well haul it out to the dumpster. It's about to become the 8-track player of tomorrow.

Mitsubishi is about to unveil a television that uses lasers to project television images. And apparently the picture quality will put to shame anything else that's currently on the market. Specifically, laser TV's will be capable of reproducing 90% of the colors visible to the human eye. That compares with about 40% for the current crop of plasma and LCD screens.

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