Thursday, January 26, 2006

Upcoming Sequels

One of the biggest complaints about Hollywood films lately has been the total lack of originality. It seems like when one of the studios does get lucky with a hit, suddenly everyone else has to get on the bandwagon and make copycat versions. Inevitably, the end result is that the idea gets trampled into the ground, and all the movie executives are left scratching their heads wondering what went wrong, and once again bitching about how ticket sales are down.

This vicious cycle appears to be repeating itself yet again. One of the surprise hits to emerge the last few weeks is Brokeback Mountain, a low budget film about two gay cowboys. It was originally released as an arthouse favorite but has now suddenly hit it big a "mainstream" film. The movie has been garnering a lot of critical praise, has captured a number of important awards, and is a favorite Oscar contender.

And in keeping with tradition, Hollywood studios are falling all over one another trying to capitalize on the concept. Here are just a few of the upcoming ripoffs:

Here's the Red State Update review of "Brokeback Mountain".

Here's the trailer for the upcoming Tom Cruise epic, Bareback Top Gun.

Then there's also Brokeback Trek (from the movies), Broke Trek (from the original series), and Brokeback Enterprise (from STNG).

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