Monday, January 16, 2006

Where's My Geiger Counter?

Anti-nuclear protesters are in Florida demonstrating against NASA's launch of the New Horizons probe, which, barring an accident which would release the spacecraft's plutonium fuel and wipe out all life on Earth, except for Pat Robertson, who would be protected by God, will.... um.... Where was I?

Oh, right. The New Horizons probe is scheduled to launch tomorrow and eventually rendezvous with Pluto.

The launch is coming just a few days after the successful return of the Stardust capsule. That mission collected dust from a comet's tail, and made a pinpoint landing in the Utah desert early Saturday morning after traveling 2.9 billion miles over the course of seven years,.

Assuming the Pluto mission launches successfully, NASA is expected to begin negotiations to explore a number of Hanna-Barbara characters as well.

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