Thursday, January 12, 2006

Howard Stern: Taking Hostages Now?

So I'm reading today's USAToday when I stumbled across this little gem from Jerry Hennen of Fargo, ND in the Letters to the Editor section:
"It makes me sick to see Howard Stern, a 50-something divorced man, now make millions being the world's dirtiest, filthiest-talking radio show host ("No expletives deleted," Life, Tuesday).

Now Stern has no rules, no regulations, no restrictions. Now he can say the "f" word 100 times in an hour, if he chooses. Now he can belittle the crippled and others who need help. He no longer has the Federal Communications Commission to watch over his filth.

So, look out America, your 12-year-olds are going to learn a lot as Stern peddles sex talk as never before."

OMIGOD!!!! Someone call the cops!!!!! Apparently Stern has kidnapped poor Mr. Henner, tied him up, put a gun to his head, and deprived him of his freedom to choose by forcing the helpless man to listen to his radio show!

How much lower can Stern go?

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