Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Careful What You Wish For

I admit I sometimes pick on President Bush. Well, okay, maybe a lot. I sometimes even call him an incompetent baboon who would starve to death if Dick Cheney weren't there to peel his bananas for him. But I'm also big enough to admit when I've been wrong, and this is one of times.

One of the justifications Bush came up with for the invasion of Iraq--after that WMD thing kinda fell through--was the idea of spreading of democracy throughout the middle east. If we could just replace those crazy Islamic dictatorships with democracy, and America will automatically become a safer place.

And it turns out that Bush was apparently right. Democracy IS spreading throughout the middle east as more and more countries hold elections!

Okay, so it's the America-hating Islamic fundamentalists like Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood who have been gaining power in these elections, but at least we'll all be killed by democratically elected terrorists!

I feel better already.

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