Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Says here that the White House was taken by surprise over the uproar on that ports deal with the United Arab Emirates. The story first broke on February 13, and many members of Congress immediately jumped all over it.

So why didn't Bush immediately come to the defense of the deal? Well, apparently he just didn't know. No one even bothered to tell him about it until the 16th, three days later!! Even then, it wasn't until the 21st that Bush broke his silence on the matter and came to its defense. That's okay, though, because Bush didn't even know about the sale until a few days prior to that.

Am I the only one who is stunned by all this? With all the talk over the last several years about securing our borders and ports, how come the President of the United States there was such a transaction in the works? And considering how quickly the story came to dominate the national media, why didn't he know about the fuss for three days, until someone else told him?

Oh, right. Bush has previously bragged that he doesn't read newspapers. I mean, the man is actually proud of his ignorance!!!! Bush needs to stop rereading his worn out copy of "My Pet Goat," looking for subtle nuances in the story, and occasionally pick up a copy of USA Today. He may actually end up learning something. Seriously, with someone like that at the top, is it any wonder that it took the Federal government almost a week to react to the disaster in New Orleans?

I may be ignorant myself, but at least I have enough sense not to go around publicizing the fact.

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