Sunday, March 19, 2006

Damn Foreigners

A Mescalero Apache family in New Mexico is suing Steven Spielberg's production company. The reason? Well, their eight year old daughter made an appearance in Spielberg's miniseries "Into the West," and while she was being prepared for her part, someone (GASP!) gave her a haircut. It turns out that according to Apache beliefs, no one but the parents can cut a child's hair.

Oh, puh-leeze!!!! I am getting sick and tired of all these foreigners coming over here, taking our precious jobs involving TV appearances as native American children, and expecting the rest of us to accommodate their bizarre customs. If they want to live in America, fine. But it should be up to them to change their weird customs to fit in to our society, rather than rest of us being forced to cater to their every little custom.

Those damn native Americans should just go back to wherever the hell it is they came from.

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