Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Thirty one year old Christopher Greg Killion decided he wanted to go to a strip club. Problem was, however, that he had his four year old son with him. Not to be deterred, however, Killion did what any responsible parent would do: He decided to leave the child in the truck while he went inside the club. To insure that his son would stay put, Killion told him that if he left the truck, he "would be eaten by monsters."

Little kids have limited attention spans, however, and after about thirty minutes the toddler forgot about the warning and wandered into the strip club to look for his father.

If nothing else, this points out that kids nowadays are becoming increasingly stupid. First it was teenagers forgetting which end of a baseball cap is supposed to face forward, then the hip-hop generation lost the basic skills of wearing properly fitting trousers, and now four year olds are losing their fear of monsters!?! What the hell is that about? Why, when I was growing up, I had the good sense to listen to grown-ups and their warnings. That's why I never even masturbated till I was 27.

If we can't control our children's behavior by instilling irrational fears into them, just what the hell are we supposed to do? Be nurturing parents!?!?! Thank heavens I don't have any kids.

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