Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Why I'm Voting for the American Candidate in this Race

People sometimes ask me, "Hey Lugosi, or whatever your real name is, who are you voting for?"

And without hesitation I tell them, "I'm voting for the American guy..... Obama."

For some reason people assume I'm kidding or being sarcastic, but I'm perfectly serious. I'm voting for Obama because he is the only true American between the two principle candidates. The next time Sarah Palin questions Obama's patriotism, someone should point this out to her just to watch her head spin.

If you still doubt me, let's look at the facts:
Fact 1: Obama was born in Hawaii in 1961. Hawaii is one of the fifty states that compromise this great nation of ours, and has been since 1959.

Fact 2: John McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone. Not only is that not a state, it's not even an American territory any more. We gave it back to the Panamanians in 1999. For all we know, McCain may well be some sort of sleeper agent for Panama.
So unlike John McCain, Barack Obama is the ONLY true American in this race.

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