Thursday, October 30, 2008

I recognized one of the deputies manning the road block near my house as someone I went to school with. What he had to say was nothing short of incredible.

It turns out that what happened last was NOT a pipeline explosion. Rather, something had crashed in the woods about five miles outside of town and set off a large fire. Most people seemed to think it was an airplane, but there were also rumors that it may have been some sort of satellite. Witnesses near the crash described a "large ball of fire" that had come straight down out of the sky and plowed into the ground. Whatever it was, the flames were still preventing the authorities from getting close to the impact site.

I went back and told the neighbors. One of them has a 4WD pick up, so a group of us are going to try and get close to the action by taking some back roads. If need be, we can cut through some fields. Some of you may think that's a little sick, but it's really no different from looking at a car crash along the highway. And don't even try to tell me you've never done that.

This may sound dorky, but I'm going to grab my laptop and let you know what I see.

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