Thursday, October 02, 2008


A new poll suggests that support for Sarah Palin is dropping off. This is to be expected as more people begin to realize that the woman is a raving religious lunatic.

Well, okay, that MAY not be entirely true. Most people are probably just questioning her general qualifications, and they're arriving at their conclusions after watching Katie Couric's interview with Palin. Even some conservative commentators who originally praised her selection are backing away from Palin. This is disturbing, for there are few things in nature more frightening than when conservatives turn on their own. The resulting scenes of blood, disembowelment, and tearing of limbs will send all but the bravest souls screaming down the street. That makes tonight's vice presidential debate all the more important for the Republican ticket.

Me? I'm just worried that if Palin ever becomes President, the first thing she'll do is round up all the atheists and ship us off to forced prayer camps.

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