Thursday, October 30, 2008

Really, REALLY Irritated

Just when you think things have quieted down, a new set of sirens goes screaming by. And just in case that's not enough to wake the dead, several helicopters have been circling overhead. I've pretty much given up on trying to go back to sleep.

I went outside to see what was up and ran into several neighbors. According to them, there was a pipeline explosion a few miles away. Sure enough, you can even see an orange glow in the sky off to the north.

That would certainly seem to account for what's going on. I know that several of the big pipelines from the Gulf pass through Fauquier county, but I had thought they were down in the southern part of the county--the exact opposite direction from whatever the hell is happening.

Anyway, now it looks like the cops are blocking off the road going north. If they tell us to start evacuating, I'm not going. I'll be like those people in New Orleans who refused to leave ahead of Katrina.

If you're lucky, maybe you'll see me tomorrow on the roof my building waving at the news choppers.

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