Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Am I Self-Centered? Not Intentionally

For some bizarre reason, my blog is showing up centered on some computers. Not sure why that is, and it's certainly not anything intentional on my part.

It displays fine on my home PC (XP) and two laptops (both are Vista). It's also okay whether using I.E., Firefox, Opera, or Chrome on those machines.

Yet the other day when I stopped at the library to check something, it displayed with all the various page elements centered. And yes, it was VERY annoying. But that evening when I got home, everything was fine.

Not knowing what to make of it, I decided to just not worry about it--Kind of like Bush's approach to our economic problems. Then today someone left a comment complaining that the site was showing up centered on her computer.

Well, I'm flummoxed. There doesn't seem to be anything obviously wrong in the template. And even if there was a stray line of code, the effect should show up on all computers. So tomorrow I'll head back to the library and see if it's still doing it. I'll check on several computers. Then I'll take another look at the code and hopefully I'll be able to figure what's what.

What scares me is that I'm going to waste all this time trying to fix something that is actually one of those weird-ass Blogger problems that they periodically come up with--like the time they suspended me for being a spam site.

So if you're running into this problem, my apologies. Hopefully it will get straightened out shortly.

UPDATE, 10/2/08
Basically I just replaced the old template with the same one, but minus my modifications. That seems to have taken care of whatever was causing the problem. I've since tweaked it somewhat, but it still seems to be behaving as it should.

Fairfax County Library computers were the only ones where I could reproduce the problem. They're XP and use IE as the browser. My similar desktop at home displayed the site fine, however, so that wasn't the issue. The only other thing I can think of is that the library computers use IE version 6.0 instead of 7.0, whereas I have 7.0 at home.

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