Sunday, October 19, 2008

2001: A Google Odyssey

To mark its tenth anniversary, Google has made available its search engine just as it appeared in January of 2001 (for technical reasons they couldn't go all the way back to 1998). Actually, what you get is not only Google's own page as it looked seven years ago, but the entire frakkin' web just as it existed at the time.

For example: A search for "Sarah Palin" comes back with zero hits, thus proving that she didn't even exist in 2001. This adds credence to my theory that she is the Antichrist, and was only recently sent up from the very bowels of hell by Satan himself.

Youtube? Forget it. Nothing by that name in 2001.

A search for iPod gets you information on some sort of document processing system.

But most alarming of all: A search for "Mirth, Musings, & More" comes up with no hits!

Hmmmm.... Maybe I'm the Antichrist.

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