Thursday, October 30, 2008

Well, this is certainly interesting. I overheard a couple of the military guys talking, and apparently this isn't the only such impact site in the country. According to them, there have even been reports from overseas.

But that's not the alarming part. What's REALLY scary is the noises coming from inside the crater: It's almost like metal banging against metal, accompanied by some sort of mechanical sounds. If I didn't know better, it almost sounds like something being assembled. There's still some sort of heavy smoke or mist in the crater, so none of the helicopters has been able to get a look at what's going on.

A number of big black SUV's rolled up a while ago. Quite a few army type people got out and have clearly taken charge of the area. They've pushed everyone except the actual military personnel further back.

Looks like they're getting a small team together to climb the side of the crater and get a better look at what's making that noise. And they're not dicking around: Several of them are armed with some pretty big guns. Why do you need weapons to go look at a meteorite?

All of a sudden I'm thinking I should have stayed home.

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