Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Be Scared. Be Very, VERY Scared.

Here's a pretty good summary of what led to the war between Georgia and Russia. While the time line of some events remains fuzzy, it's pretty apparent that Georgia has to bear most of the responsibility for provoking Russia.

That's not to say that Russia is innocent in this mess. They were clearly spoiling for a fight, and much of their heavy equipment arrived in South Ossetia with suspiciously fast speed. However, Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili must also bear much of the responsibility for repeatedly ignoring the advice of other western leaders and blundering his way into what some suspect was a Russian trap.

Meanwhile, what exactly was John McCain thinking last week when he declared that today we are all Georgians? Does that mean he would have been willing to go to war with Russia? More importantly, why didn't he wait until he had more facts about exactly what had happened? After all, the last time a United States President jumped to conclusions and led us into a war without fully understanding the situation at hand, over 4,000 American soldiers died (and still counting), tens of thousands were wounded, hundreds of thousands of civilians perished in the crossfire, and the entire Middle East ended up becoming even more unstable.

I'm sure the fact that McCain is personal friends with Saakashvili, and the relatively minor detail that McCain's top foreign policy adviser was until recently a paid lobbyist for the government of Georgia, has absolutely nothing to do with McCain's trigger-happy attitude.

It's becoming increasingly obvious that four years of McCain would be like another four years of Bush.

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