Thursday, June 14, 2007

Pity Poor Paris

The world can breath a collective sigh of relief: Paris Hilton's medical condition has improved. With that crisis at the end, she has been moved back out of the medical ward and back into her old cell. Still no word, however, on the exact nature of the problem that landed her in the medical ward in the first place.

Meanwhile, controversy continues to swirl over whether the hotel heiress has received special treatment during her incarceration. One person has already filed a lawsuit claiming that even though she "had serious medical issues," she was treated worse than Hilton. Even the Reverend Al Sharpton, never one to pass up an opportunity for publicity, has gotten involved.

It is hard to sympathize with Hilton's plight. She was first stopped by police last September 7. That resulted in a conviction for reckless driving and DUI. Her license was suspended and she received three years probation. After all that, she was TWICE more stopped by police and cited for driving on a suspended license. It was that second stop that landed her in front of the no-nonsense judge now overseeing her case.

Besides, it's not like the cleaners lost her damn pants.

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