Thursday, June 14, 2007

A Great Reason Not To Wear Pants, Part Deux

Remember Roy Pearson? He's the administrative law judge in DC who recently sued his drycleaners for $65 million because they--GASP!!!!--lost his pants. Supposedly they eventually found the wayward trousers, but Pearson claims its not the right pair.

The case--which is bound to do wonders for the image of lawyers all over the world--has now gone to trial and Pearson had an opportunity to tell his side of the story on the stand. At one point Pearson actually broke down and began crying while talking about his beloved slacks.

Who does he think he is? Paris Hilton? At least she had reason to have an emotional breakdown in court--she was about to go back to the pen. But Pearson!?!?! For God's sakes, be a man! People are already laughing at you, Mr. Pearson. Is it really necessary to further embarrass yourself--and by extension ALL males--by shedding tears over a stupid pair of pants!?!?!

Reminds me of the time someone stole my beloved blanky. I never spoke to my college roommates after that.

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