Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Full Court Press

In a surprise move, an Iraqi tribunal has sentenced Paris Hilton to hang for crimes against humanity. No, wait, it's Saddam's cousin Chemical Ali that was sentenced to die. My bad!

Ms. Hilton, on the other hand, has been released from the LA County jail after serving 22 days of her 45 day sentence. The reduced time was for "good behavior," which apparently even spoiled little brats are capable of when absolutely necessary. Her release comes amid reports that she has "found religion," though it is not immediately clear what religion.

Finally, remember Roy Pearson, the guy with the $54 million pants? Well, there's been a verdict in the trouser trial of the century: The judge threw out his lawsuit against the drycleaners. This is a tough break for Pearson, who has been wandering the streets of DC in his boxers for the last three years. What's more, he may not have a job for much longer. His current interim term as an Administrative Law judge has expired, and the mayor is apparently reluctant to appoint him to a full ten year term.

The future is also in doubt for Jin and Soo Chung, the couple that owned the drycleaning establishment that was the target of Pearson's lawsuit. They are stuck with $100,000 in legal fees, and they're not sure if they can afford to keep the business running.

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