Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dingbat Alert

Ann Coulter, everyone's favorite female attack dog (and I think we all know what female dogs are called) is back in the news: This time she said that she would like to see Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards "killed in a terrorist assassination plot."

If nothing else, this is further evidence that Coulter isn't playing with a full deck.

But the story gets better: Edwards is now using Coulter's remarks in his own campaign advertising to raise funds. Good idea, eh? Except now Coulter is pissed off about that and is demanding that Edwards stop quoting her in his fund raising appeals. In other words, it's okay for Coulter to make death threats, but it's NOT okay for the target of those threats to quote her?!?!?!

I take it back. Coulter IS playing with a full deck. It's just that the jokers have taken over.

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