Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Scientists in Switzerland were recently trying to duplicate conditions during the Big Bang when they accidentally blew up their 17 mile long particle accelerator, causing millions of dollars of damage to the device. They were conducting an experiment involving the smashing of protons into one another when things went awry. The local fire department even had to be called in to aid in the evacuation of the facility. A subsequent analysis revealed that some very "fundamental" math errors had led to the accident.

Excuse me!?!?! These idiots almost destroyed the world because of a math error!?!?! Are we sure we need to be mucking around with this stuff?

If they inadvertently trigger a chain reaction that consumes all the matter in the entire freakin' universe, what are they going to do? Apologize? Hope no one notices that all of existence just came to a screeching halt? Sweep the debris under the rug?

Oh wait, can't do that! Rugs are made of matter, and it was all destroyed!!

It doesn't matter how many PhD's a person has. Sometimes they still deserve a dope slap upside the head.

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