Monday, June 04, 2007

Like We Don't Waste Enough Fuel Ourselves

The FBI has broken up a terrorist plot to blow up fuel facilities at New York's JFK Airport. Although the individuals were not Al Qaeda, they were inspired by extremist Muslim views.

But what makes this case even more disturbing is that these guys were NOT middle eastern, or of middle eastern descent. Two of the three were the small South American country of Guyana, a nation best known for its fabulous Kool-Aid drinking festivals. The third plotter was from Trinidad.

Okay, I'm confused. I thought we were fighting in Iraq so the terrorists wouldn't follow us home, perhaps by hiding in returning troops' luggage. Yet this is the second serious terror plot uncovered in a month in which the participants were NOT from the Middle East (the other plot involved the assault on Fort Dix, and was to be carried by a group from south Jersey).

Does this mean we now have to invade both South America AND New Jersey? Does the American military have enough manpower to carry out a three-front war? Will we still have to pay tolls on the Turnpike? What will the insurgency be like in Perth Amboy? So many questions, so few answers.

On a more serious note: John Kerry caught a lot grief in 2004 when he suggested that the fight against terrorism should be treated as a law enforcement matter rather than a military one. Yet in both the JFK and the Fort Dix plots, it was law enforcement officials--using informants--that thwarted the plans. And the British group that schemed to blow up airliners with liquid explosives last fall was also done in when a tipster phoned Scotland Yard.

Hmmmm.... Could it be we elected the wrong guy?

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