Thursday, June 21, 2007

Great Aim. Good Thing There Were No Actual Terrorists Involved

There was some excitement at DC's Walter Reed Army Hospital yesterday when a situation arose that required one of the armed guards to open fire. Indeed, the circumstances were such that Dwan Thigpen judged it necessary to empty his entire magazine in a matter of seconds. No, he didn't do it to repel a terrorist attack. This was something much more serious, something that required full use of all his skills, honed by years of training: One of his coworkers called Thigpen "retarded."

In these sensitive times it is certainly understandable how such a politically incorrect term can offend people. Why use such a demeaning term when the phrase "mentally handicapped" can be used just as easily, and with much more dignity?

Anyway, Thigpen took umbrage at the description, pulled his gun, and began firing at his coworker. The sudden burst of gunfire sent everyone in the area, including passersby on the street, diving for cover.

The condition of the coworker? He's perfectly fine. Not a single scratch. Thigpen missed the guy with all ten shots. In fact, all he managed to hit was a couple of parked cars and a utility pole.

Guess maybe the coworker was right after all: Thigpen really is retarded!

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