Thursday, June 21, 2007

Damn Illegal Aliens

There's yet another alien invasion movie coming out. No, no, it's not about Mexicans plundering our jobs in the lucrative lawn care industry. This is about the kind of aliens that come from outer space and steal a planet's resources. This one has a twist, though: It's us humans are the invading bad guys!

The film is called Terra, and it's currently making the rounds at film festivals. The unusual thing about the inhabitants of Terra is that they have a natural bouyancy in their world's helium atmosphere and are thus able to essentially "swim" through air.

This idea is, of course, completely preposterous: Any planet with a helium atmosphere would simply float out of orbit and eventually out of the galaxy itself.

The movie's premise is that humanity has pretty much used up all the natural resources of planet Earth and is now spreading out into other systems looking for new worlds to exploit. The inhabitants of this one planet decide to fight back and launch an insurgency to repel the invaders.

Typical liberal attitude, ain't it? I mean, who cares how many those stupid helium-sucking aliens die? The important thing is that we're bringing them democracy, and they're going to like it even if it kills them.

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