Tuesday, September 28, 2004

---------------Mike Luckovich, Atlanta Journal Constitution


Damn Cowboys
It was a dark and dreary day in DC today, and not just because of the weather. You see, we Washington Redskins fans are usually easy to please. We don't ask for much except for our favorite them to beat the evil Dallas Cowboys whenever the two teams meet. Failing that, at least beat the bastards when they come to DC.... Especially when the game is on national freakin' TV!!!!

So what did the Redskins do last night? They lost.... To Dallas.... On Monday Night Football.... 21-18.

What's even worse, the Cowboys have now beaten us 13 of the last 14 times the two teams have met. And of the 18 times that a Bill Parcells coached team has come up against Joe Gibbs, the Parcells team has won 12.

So no, today was not a good day. Personally, I was so distraught, I considered jumping off my roof. I would have done it, too, except I'm scared of heights.

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