Wednesday, September 22, 2004

And It Itches, Too
One side effect of the CBS memo fiasco is that people who write weblogs are being taken more seriously. After all, it was bloggers who first raised questions about the authenticity of the documents.

Still, certain elements of the "mainstream media" are slow to catch on to our influence. One CBS executive went as far as to say that bloggers are "loners who sit home alone in pajamas and spin fantastic tales." Needless to say, he said that BEFORE Memogate blew up Dan Rather's face.

Quite frankly, I am deeply offended by that network official's comment. It is sadly indicative of the stereotyped views many people not only in journalism but throughout society in general have of bloggers. The attitude is sickening, and it's time I did my part to correct such narrow minded ideas.

Granted, I do occasionally come up with fantastic tales. And yes, I do live alone. But to imply that I sit in front of this computer in my pajamas all day long is just plain wrong.


I don't wear pajamas.

And quite frankly, this leather chair is making my butt squeak.

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