Friday, February 16, 2007

Maybe He Just Needs A New Battery

So who was the greatest person ever?

Alexander the Great would be one obvious choice. After all, he managed to put together the greatest empire the world had ever seen up until that time.

Or was it George Washington? As the leader of the Continental Army he won independence for the American colonists. Then as President, he set limits on his power even though he could easily have set himself as a king, much like one of his successors would do some 216 years later.

How about Thomas Edison? As inventor of the light bulb, he forever cast aside the dark of night. Edison also invented the phonograph, an early form of iPod.

Abraham Lincoln, whose courage saved the union and abolished slavery in the United States?

William Shakespeare, for creating enduring literary masterpieces?

Galileo, for standing up to the church and advocating the outrageous idea that the Earth circles the sun?

Isaac Newton, who came up with the theory of gravity? Yeah, yeah, it's only a theory like that wacky evolution thing, but an interesting one nonetheless.

Winston Churchill, for leading England through the dark days of World War II?

Genghis Kahn? Attila the Hun? Mozart? Alexander Graham Bell? Copernicus? Paris Hilton?

So many choices, so many great names, and so many grand accomplishments. Yet they all pale in comparison to Robert Adler, who died just yesterday. As co-inventor of the television remote control, Adler and his achievement did more to influence our daily lives than anything that bum Albert Einstein ever did.

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