Monday, February 12, 2007

Fathers Know Best

The sad case of Anna Nicole Smith is turning into a media circus of monumental proportions. The grandstanding by the various parties involved is nothing short of revolting. Just thinking about it makes me want to heave my guts all over the floor. And at the center of this whole sordid affair is an innocent five month old child, Dannielynn. Indeed, if not for her, this whole thing would be downright comical.

Three men are now claiming paternity of Smith's baby, and every one of them is an opportunistic bastard. To these selfish sons of bitches, the infant is nothing but a lottery ticket worth a potential $400 million. And if it weren't for the chance at that huge payoff, does anyone think for a moment that any of these clowns would give a rat's ass about Dannielynn? No, of course not.

Besides, I'M the father.

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