Sunday, February 04, 2007

Indianapolis Colts 29; Chicago Bears 17

Super Bowl XVI is now history, and it should be remembered as one of the better games. While the 29-17 score may seem somewhat lopsided, Chicago actually led all through the first half. They were still in the game through the beginning of the fourth quarter.

But the best thing about this contest was the weather. So many Super Bowls are played in perfect conditions, usually indoors in an enclosed stadium. Not this one, though. It was outside, and it pretty much poured rain through all four quarters. That made for a sloppy field, a slippery ball, lots of mistakes, an unpredictable contest, and one helluva memorable game.

Football is made to be played out in the elements, whether it's rain, snow, bitter cold, or hellacious heat. Contrast that with baseball, which is played by sissies who cancel the game at the first hint of a raindrop.

But please: No more talk about tight ends going up the middle. I'm still just a little freaked about Brokeback Mountain.

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