Monday, July 09, 2007

Turmoil In France

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has been in office barely a month and already his office has been rocked by a major scandal. Indeed, the people of France are in such an uproar that they may actually fight back if someone tries to invade.

And what is the nature of this scandal, you ask? Has he been caught boinking his secretary? Accepting bribes from the foie gras industry? Hosting pajama parties with Michael Jackson? Starting a war under false pretenses?

No, no, just rumors, and no.

The truth is actually much, MUCH worse: Sarkozy has been caught (GASP!) jogging!

Yes, it's true. President Sarkozy exercises. In shorts. And it is for this reason that the French Republic may fall.

Apparently, such things just aren't done in France. One intellectual appeared on a news show and declared jogging to be an "undignified" exercise, and suggested that exposing the boss's naked knees is something that never would have occurred in the time of (former President) Mitterrand or Louis XIV. And Charles Bremner, the Paris correspondent for the Times of London, says that Sarkozy has fueled a French suspicion that running is for self-centered individualists like Americans.

Excuse me? What the hell is THAT supposed to mean? There is nothing I hate more than the perpetuation of ignorance fueled stereotypes, especially when it comes from cheese-eating French surrender monkeys.

Besides, I don't run.

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