Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Stop & Listen

The investigation into the failed terror attacks In the U.K. has taken a frightening turn. It had long been assumed that most radical Islamic loonies are disaffected young adults. However, the conspirators arrested in England, Scotland, and Australia are freakin' doctors!!!

What the hell is the deal with that!?!? Doctors are supposed to heal people, not kill them.... Well, unless your name is Doctor Jack Kevorkian. How does the willful killing of women and children in fiery bombings fit into the whole Hippocratic Oath thing? Is there some loophole that we're not familiar with?

And one of the London bombers turned out to be from Iraq! How's that for gratitude! We try to free his nation and how does he thank us? By trying to blow up an airport!!

Maybe it's a cultural thing, like belching at the dinner table being a compliment in some societies.

And why was the Iraqi guy trying to blow up crap in England anyway? Aren't we fighting the terrorists in Iraq so we don't have to fight them here? Or doesn't England count as "here?" That guy broke the rules and should be thrown out of the game.

Three attempted bombings, and the devices didn't work in a single one? What are the odds? In fact, in one case, the car simply caught on fire and seriously injured the bomber. That's gotta hurt: Not only do you not get the virgins, you end up with six months of skin grafts!

Maybe it's time for the terrorists to stop their killing, take a deep breath, and think about whether Allah is trying to tell them something.

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