Friday, July 27, 2007

Coming Soon.... Or Maybe Not

The mystery about 1-18-08 has only deepened further with the release of the below poster (Click the image for a bigger version; see my July 17 post for the trailer). Supposedly it is NOT a live action Voltron movie, which had been one of the early rumors. Whatever the movie finally turns out to be, it's amazing that the filmmakers have succeeded in keeping it secret this long.

Some are speculating that this so-called Cloverfield project (Cloverfield is the name of a street in LA where Abrams has offices) is actually part of some new alternate reality game, in which a series of fictitious websites all lead players to new clues. Abrams has certainly done a lot of that with Lost; there are websites for the non-existent Hanso Foundation, Oceanic Air, and a number of others. They don't do anything to further the show's plot, but they do add to the "Lost experience." It's the type of diversion that appeals to 27 year old virgins living in their parents' basement. That said, the Cloverfield creature's roar sounds a hell of a lot like the cloud monster's roar in Lost.

HBO's Entourage has also done the same thing, creating a fake trailer for the fake movie Medellin (July 19), complete with a fake website, and starring the fake actor Vincent Chase.

The only problem with this theory is that this is an actual movie trailer that's showing in theaters along with other trailers. Theater owners--and the studios--are not likely to give up that valuable time for something which won't eventually have a direct financial payoff.

My personal guess? We finally withdraw the last of our troops from Iraq on 1-17-08, and Bush turns out to be right: The terrorists end up following us home!!! In the poster, you can even see them splashing ashore.

Anyway, with all this anticipation, the damn thing had better turn out better than that stupid Snakes on a Plane movie.


Update added 1-17-08
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