Saturday, February 28, 2004

If You Pick It, Oscar Will Never Heal
Everyone else seems to offering their Oscar predictions, so I may as well, too.

Best picture is probably the one major category with little or no competition, so I feel fairly confident in saying that Gigli won't be winning.

Best actor is a tough one, but I'm going to pick Benn Affleck as the big non-winner of this one.

Best actress? It's safe to say it won't be Bette Davis. She's been dead 20 years.

Best director? Whoever directed Gigli. Indeed, I expect that film not to win any awards.

The Democratic Debates
I hate referring people to someone who's funnier than me (which explains why I so rarely refer you to other sites), but The Leading Brand Blog has an absolutely hilarious sendup of Thursday night's California debate between the remaining Democratic candidates (Thanks to Daniella for the tip).

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