Friday, September 05, 2008

Twisting Words to Defend Palin

John Stewart has a remarkable ability to find hypocrisy among politicians. Of course, Republicans don't particularly like him because they're usually his targets. The below video is a perfect example.

First, you'll see former presidential advisor Karl Rove ridiculing Virginia Governor Tim Kaine's lack of experience (at one point Kaine was on Obama's short list of VP candidates). Then Rove gushes over how experienced Alaska's Palin is. Second up, we see Fox News' star loudmouth, Bill O'Reilly, condemn Jamie Lynn Spears' parents as being unfit because they let their teenage daughter get pregnant. Pretty stern words, until he turns around and defends the Palin family and their 17 year old daughter's pregnancy. And finally there's conservative commentator Dick Wilson accusing Palin's critics of pure, unadulterated sexism, followed by the very same Dick Wilson mocking Hillary Clinton for being unable to play with the big boys.

Stewart also explains exactly why the Republicans decided to hold their convention in Minnesota. Warning: Some of the footage may be too graphic for Christians hoping to get into heaven.

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