Monday, September 08, 2008

I Don't Like Ike

The most active Atlantic hurricane season in three years continues to spawn hurricanes much like the daughters of evangelical Christian Governors spew out illegitimate children. So far, however, no hurricanes have been offered major positions in a potential John McCain administration.

Just here in the Washington area we received a two day soaking from the remnants of tropical storm Fay a week and a half ago. Then just this past Saturday Hanna dropped as much as 8.9 inches on parts of the region, causing some flooding.

That came after Hurricane Gustav threatened to deliver another major blow to New Orleans last week. Though the city was spared a catastrophe, other areas of Louisiana weren't so fortunate.

Now there's a new threat: Hurricane Ike. Ike is currently lashing Cuba with category 2 winds, and the storm's eye is expected to travel much of the length of the commie infested island. Ike will then enter the Gulf of Mexico where it is expected to restrengthen. After that the next stop will be either Texas or--yes--Louisiana. While Gustav failed to cause major damage to the nation's oil industry, it remains to be seen what effect Ike will have.

So what's with all the hurricanes this year? There is a theory called the Butterfly Effect which postulates that the flapping of an insect's wings in Africa can initiate a chain of atmospheric events that ultimately result in the formation of a hurricane.

Ridiculous? Perhaps, but so were the claims of WMD's in Iraq.

If Bush wants to leave a legacy he can truly be proud of, he should invade Africa and kill all the damn butterflies.

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