Wednesday, September 10, 2008

He Really Does Work in Mysterious Ways

Hurricane Ike is now expected to hit Texas on Saturday as a category 4 storm. If the forecast holds, that would make it even stronger than Katrina. Landfall is expected somewhere between Corpus Christi and Houston.

This is rather odd. After all, it's Massachusetts and California that allow same sex marriages, and New York has now begun recognizing such unions performed elsewhere. Canada also now allows gay marriages, as do several European countries.

So given this vast multitude of other areas that are apparently just begging for divine retribution, why does God instead choose to send hurricanes to states in America's Bible Belt? Why isn't Ike targeting some place like Boston? How come you never hear of category 5 storms bearing down on Montreal?

Either God has a really lousy sense of direction, or He just hates judgmental self-righteous Bible thumping pinheads who claim to speak on His behalf.

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