Sunday, June 08, 2008

No Heatwave There

With much of the nation locked in a grueling heatwave, what better distraction than a TV show about driving trucks across frozen lakes? Yes, Ice Road Truckers is back for its second season.

If you missed the show last year, it was about a group of drivers who haul supplies and heavy equipment to Canada's diamond mines near the Arctic Circle. The kicker is that much of the driving involves driving 20 or 30 ton vehicles across frozen lakes.

Apparently the owners of those diamond mines had some issues with how the truckers were portrayed in season one, so the show's producers shifted locales. This year the drivers will be hauling oil drilling equipment, and this time they will actually be north of the Arctic Circle. Four of the drivers from last season also made the move and will again be featured.... Yes, including the lovable Hugh Rowland.

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