Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Why I Welcome The Screenwriters Strike

If the strike by the Writers Guild of America continues much longer, your TV set will soon be devoid of any meaningful TV shows worth watching. Well, an argument can be made that such has been the case for years now, but the void will become even more noticeable than usual. Daily comedy shows that deal with current events--Letterman, Leno, Jon Stewart--are already either gone or in reruns.

Sripted prime-time shows have more of a backlog of scripts waiting to be filmed, but even those are expected to be used up by Christmas. At that point pretty much everything on TV will consist of either repeats or reality shows.

Now you might think that an avid TV viewer such as myself would be distressed by this, but I actually welcome the strike. Between the new shows I've gotten into (Reaper, Chuck, Big Bang Theory, Pushing Daisies,and Bionic Woman) and returning ones I continue to follow (Heroes, Simpsons, Family Guy, Brotherhood, and the one about thatlovable serial killer, Dexter) that I've found it impossible to keep with my viewing. Each of my DVR's has anywhere from a 15 to 20 hour backlog that I haven't been able to dent.

Then there's my Netflix subscription which continues to go to waste. I've had the same three discs sitting on the DVD player since July. Just when I think I finally have time to sit down and watch a movie, it turns out there's a new episode of Ugly Betty that I need to get through.

What further compounds this dilemma is that I continue to have to work so I can pay my rent. Otherwise I wouldn't have anyplace to keep my recliner and TV. Oh, and don't EVEN get me started on that electricity crap. Did you know that if you don't pay the electric bill, someone comes to your house and turns off the power?

Seven years of college, and no one ever taught me that.

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