Thursday, November 29, 2007

That's Gratitude For You

Illegal immigrants have been getting blamed for a lot of things lately. Rising health care costs, housing shortages, drunk driving, displacing legitimate American citizens from their jobs, and even terrorism. Yes, terrorism. Republican presidential candidate Dan Tancredo recently ran an ad in some states saying illegal immigrants were responsible for 9/11.

Whatever. I'm tired of defending immigrants. What finally caused me to change my mind was a truly outrageous story out of Arizona.

It seems that Manuel Jesus Cordova Soberanes (His name is 'Jesus?' Qiuick! Flog him!) was walking across the desert on Thanksgiving day after illegally crossing into the United States. That's when he encountered a nine year old Christopher Buztheitner, whose mother had been killed when their van drove off a nearby cliff.

Soberanes could have said to hell with the kid and just kept walking. After all, he had come all this way and there was no sense in having made the trip in vain.

But instead Soberanes decided to stay with the boy. He built a bonfire to keep him warm through the cold night. The next day they were spotted by hunters who called for help. Authorities say the child would likely have died if not for Soberanes.

So nine year old Christopher survived his ordeal and has since been reunited with other family members. And Soberanes' reward?

Well, we sent his sorry ass back to Mexico.

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