Thursday, November 29, 2007

And I Thought Evangelical Christians Were Crazy

That teacher in the Muslim country of Sudan has been sentenced to 40 lashes for committing blasphemy against the prophet Mohammad. Most surprisingly, Gillian Gibbons' offense against The Wacky Prophet of Islam had nothing to do with editorial cartoons. Rather, she allowed her class of six and seven year olds to name the class teddy bear--GASP!!!!--Mohammad!!!!!

It's unclear why she's the one being punished. After all, it's the kids that picked the name. What kind of values are the parents of these children teaching their kids if they would use the name of Mohammad for such an outrageous purpose? Shouldn't the kids and the parents be the ones that are flogged? Or don't Muslims like to publicly whip their own kind?

Maybe I should withdraw that question. A court in Saudi Arabia has sentenced a 19 year old woman to six months in jail and 200 lashes. Actually, her initial sentence was for 90 lashes. It was only after she appealed her harsh sentence that a higher court increased her punishment. Her crime?

She was gang raped by seven men.

Well, hopefully this will teach her a lesson.

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