Monday, November 26, 2007

Dam It

In a change of pace for China, the nation has begun killing its own citizens with its lousy quality of work.

A landslide near the Three Gorges dam killed over 30 people. Most of the victims were on a bus that was discovered buried in the debris.

This comes amid increasing warnings from critics that the massive dam along the Yangtze River is creating severe environmental damage. Most severe of these is the increasing incidence of landslides in the area of the damn. Some experts say that as water continues to rise behind the dam, the added weight is placing more stress on the surrounding mountains. As a result, entire villages are having to be relocated.

The Chinese government, internationally renown for its credibility, insists that there's no connection between the dam and the landslides in the area. A spokesman promised to send a case of lead contaminated Barbie dolls to anyone who disagrees with the government's position on the matter.

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