Monday, November 12, 2007

For The Sake Of Mankind, Settle The Strike

The screenwriters' strike is starting to have far ranging consequences. As more and more shows begin to shut down production, stagehands and other workers are finding themselves getting laid off. As they lose their jobs, the loss of their spending power will begin to effect other businesses. Some are also questioning the longterm consequences of the strike. If television viewers are forced to turn elsewhere for entertainment, how many of them will bother coming back to their favorite shows when they strike ends?

But all that pales in comparison when you realize that the very fate of the human race itself is on the line. I am talking, of course, about the TV show Heroes.

In last week's episode we learned that a virus will soon wipe out 93% of humanity. It was also revealed that a mandatory evacuation of New York city will be ordered on June 14, 2008, presumably because of the pandemic.

Presumably, the cast will be able to stop the virus through some combined use of their powers. But with the writers' strike having shut down production on the series, that's all on hold. What happens if the strike is still going next June 14? Will we all die from this mysterious mutant bug?

Those selfish bastards need to get back to work. Billions of live depend on it.

By the way, did anyone see where I put my meds?

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