Saturday, September 01, 2007

And They Make Wonderful Pets

For centuries now, many residents along the American/Mexican border have believed in a an bloodsucking animal called a "Chupacabra." No real evidence of the creature has ever surfaced, and scientists have dismissed its existence as nothing more than the stuff of myth and legend.

Well, that may have finally changed with the discovery of some unusual roadkill along a highway in the Texas desert. A resident of the area, Phyllis Canion, found the bodies of several odd looking animals with fangs on the side of a road. She had never seen anything like them, and decided to save the head of one. DNA testing of the remains may finally settle the issue once and for all.

Is such a thing even possible, the existence of an animal that has never been seen before? In this day and age? With all our scientific knowledge and the Discovery Channel? All of a sudden we find something we didn't even know was out there?

Personally, I think what Phyllis has found is definitive proof of Intelligent Design. God heard all the local talk about the alleged chupacabra and decided what the hell, I'll make one just to f*ck with those silly mortal humans.

Meanwhile, Michael Vick is already reportedly looking for a pair of live ones to breed for chupacabrafighting.

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