Thursday, August 17, 2006

Sorry We Called You Murderering Bastards

It was the day after Christmas of 1996 when the body of six year old JonBenet Ramsey was found in the basement of her parents' house in Colorado. The case quickly became tabloid fodder since the little girl's mother was constantly enrolling JonBenet in beauty pageants.

Questions soon arose about the circumstances of the killing, and the family itself quickly fell under a cloud of suspicion. One of the more popular theories was that the 13 year old son was the killer, and that the parents were covering up for him. The fact that the parents quickly hired a lawyer, and that they appeared reluctant to be interviewed by the police added to the sense that they were somehow responsible. The news media quickly jumped on the bandwagon, portraying the father, mother, and brother as murdering child molesters.

No arrests were made, and no suspect other than the family itself ever emerged. And that's where things stood for almost ten years, even after Mrs. Ramsey died of ovarian cancer just two months ago.

So it came as stunning news last night when we learned that a suspect had been arrested in Thailand, and that he had confessed. Even more surprising is the news, apparently confirmed, that he's not a relative.

What's next? An arrest of the REAL killer of O.J. Simpson's wife?

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