Friday, August 11, 2006

Improving Islam's Image

British authorities have broken up a plot involving at least 19 individuals to blow up as many as ten airliners over the Atlantic. Meanwhile, five other Pakistanis have been arrested in that country as suspected "facilitators" for the plan.

This is highly reminiscent of Project Bojinka, which was broken up in the Philippines back in 1995. That earlier operation involved simultaneously destroying ten airliners over the Pacific, assassinating the Pope, and crashing a plane into the CIA headquarters

The British plot involved suicide bombers who can't get a date in this life and were apparently hoping for Allah to help them score with virgins in the next. They were to mix common household chemicals and use electronic devices to detonate the assembled explosive devices. Those electronic devices included disposable cameras and portable music players.

Great.... So now everyone with an IPod is a potential terrorist?

The list of the names of the suspects is particularly revealing. They include Abdula Ahmed Ali, Cossor Ali, Shazad Khuram Ali, Nabeel Hussain, Tanvir Hussain, Umair Hussain, Umar Islam, Waseem Kayani, Assan Abdullah Khan, Waheed Arafat Khan, Osman Adam Khatib, and Abdul Muneem Patel. Hmmm.... I wonder what religion these guys belong to? Just a guess, but I'm betting they're not Baptists or Episcopalians. And I also can't help but notice that none of them is named "Fred" or "Bill" or "Bubba."

Yep, this will go a long way towards proving that Islam is a peaceful religion.

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