Friday, August 25, 2006

Marriage Is Meant To Be Between A Man And A Woman... Or Several Women

Teenagers in Utah recently held a rally in Salt Lake City defending the practice of polygamy. The practice of men taking several wives was popular among early Mormons but was outlawed as a condition of statehood in 1900. Yet there are still sects--not recognized by the official church--that insist it is the true path to eternal salvation.

Salvation my ass. It seems more like a road to eternal hell. Guys, can you imagine five wives nagging you to take out the garbage!?!? SIMULTANEOUSLY!?!?

Or even worse, one wife starts bitching about how you promised to fix the squeaky bathroom door, while another one is yelling at you to clean out the garage, while a third one is screaming that you're always leaving the toilet seat up, and a fourth one isn't speaking to you because you got her birthday mixed up with wife #2's again. What are these crazy Mormons--er, I mean NON-Mormons--thinking?

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I'm guessing that the manufacturer of Viagra is behind this new push for polygamy.

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