Wednesday, October 27, 2004



Maybe She Needs One of Those Purple Pills
Poor Ashlee Simpson. As most of the world now knows, she made a most memorable appearance on Saturday Night Live this past weekend. When she came out on stage for her second song, her band started to play and her lips began moving as scheduled (Video). Unfortunately, an entire different set of lyrics were mysteriously coming out of her mouth. In other words, she was lip synching, and got caught with her pants down when someone played the wrong tape (Song parody).

On the other hand, if her pants had actually been down, no one would have cared about the lip synching.

At first Simpson blamed an NBC tech for playing the wrong "guide vocal" tape, whatever that is. Then she said it was her drummer who screwed it up. And then came my personal favorite: Yesterday she said she had lost her voice because her acid reflux disease was acting up, and that's the only reason they were going to fake her performance.

At this rate, she'll soon have as many excuses for her faux pas as George W. Bush has for invading Iraq.

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