Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Adult Reading

---------------Dana Summers, Orlando Sentinel

As a public service, here are the opening lines to some of the greatest presidential memoirs:

Ulysses S. Grant: "My family is American, and has been for generations, in all its branches, direct and collateral."

Harry S Truman: "During the first few weeks of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's fourth administration, I saw what the long years of the presidency had done to him."

Richard M. Nixon: "I was born in a house my father built."

Jimmy Carter: "I had not been to bed since early Sunday morning, and I was discouraged and almost exhausted."

William Jefferson Clinton: "I never thought I would someday be writing a letter like this to Penthouse Forum, but a few years ago I met a young intern at the office."


---------------Mike Ramirez, LA Times

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