Friday, April 10, 2009

Where's Jack Sparrow When You Really Need Him?

The showdown with Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean may be about to get interesting. While the crew of an American cargo ship that was seized last week managed to recapture their ship, the captain remains in the hands of Somali pirates on one of the lifeboats. He made an attempt to jump overboard and swim to a nearby American destroyer but was recaptured.

Meanwhile, more U.S. warships are expected to arrive on the scene shortly. That would normally be the end of the story, except that more pirates are on their way as well. One of their ships is a German vessel with seven hostages on board. Were it not for the captives, the situation would be laughable.

Of course, it would be REALLY embarrassing if the pirates manage to capture an American aircraft carrier during all the confusion.

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