Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Call to End Needless Animal Testing

Researchers for the united States military have been using live pigs to test armor. They routinely strap the animals into body armor and humvees, then subject them to explosions. The researchers then study the resulting injuries and brain damage to determine how to best protect soldiers.

Folks, this is nothing short of absolutely disgusting. We are supposedly a civilized nation, yet here we are subjecting completely innocent animals to all sorts of trauma and death. This is completely unnecessary, and the American people should be ashamed that their government allows this sort of cruelty to be perpetrated on defenseless creatures.

These animal tests must stop immediately. President Obama needs to step up to the plate and personally apologize for allowing such barbaric behavior.

Then he should do the only honorable thing: Order all the AIG executives who received bonuses to be rounded up, strapped into body armor, and blown up. The resulting data would still help protect America's fighting men and women.

Hell, let's just skip the body armor. No sense wasting money.

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